Little Girl with Big Hair and Even Bigger Dreams - Blow Dry Company
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Little Girl with Big Hair and Even Bigger Dreams

Little Girl with Big Hair and Even Bigger Dreams

I’ve always had a desire to build something of my own. From a young age I can remember playing ‘office, office’ with my sisters and cousins. I was always the ‘boss’ even though I was the youngest. Over the years nothing changed. I was always looking for ways to make some extra pocket money – from selling lemonade in our neighborhood, to starting a business with my girlfriends hosting ‘Spice Girl’ themed parties, to waitressing and au pairing. After my studies, I worked for a couple of years in a marketing position for a skin care brand in Cape Town. I quickly realized that climbing the corporate ladder was not for me and wasn’t the way to achieve my dreams. This lead me to the amazing industry of yachting. I was able to travel the world, meet and work with some incredible people, and save as much as I could to come home one day and start my ‘something’.

I knew I would eventually come across an idea during my travels that I could bring back to South Africa. That is exactly what happened. Spending two full summers based in New York City I came across a thriving company that inspired me to start blowdryco. I’m a woman with big, frizzy, curly, thick, crazy hair. I have always struggled with styling my own hair. Finding this company in NYC was a game changer; it was as if the concept had been created just for me. I knew that this was it -my ‘something’. What woman wouldn’t want to sit in a beautiful, chic environment sipping on champagne, while watching a classic “chick flick”, and getting your hair done for a night out on the town? This is what blowdryco. is all about. I am so excited to share my experience with South Africa. What I want for the ladies who visit my salon, is for them to leave with a bounce in their step (and their hair), and a smile on their face. We are officially open for business.